Lipogems  EQUINE

Lipogems International Spa Human Medical Developments

Lipogems Equine has been directly translated from the human medical world where in excess of 20,000 procedures have been conducted and a wealth of scientific knowledge and collaboration backs the use in veterinary application.

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New Prospective, Randomized Controlled Study Compares The Safety And Performance Of A Next Generation Adipose Tissue Technology (Lipogems®) Vs. Platelet Rich Plasma In Patients With Knee Osteoarthritis

New Accredited Vets Added Monthly

We can now offer 30+ equine referral centres with more training days planned. Lipogems Equine Accredited vets have been added to our website, click here to visit our list of accredited vets.

Research & Development Data Collection for Murray Shotter

Current Research & Development Performance Projects include:

  • Cryogenic research project
  • Limitations to performance horses
  • Performance horse injury treatments

​Regenerative Veterinary Services

New contact details for vets and pet owners - for any information regarding Lipogems Equine or Lipogems Canine please contact or complete the feedback form on our contact page. Training days can be arranged at your veterinary practice by emailing our team to arrange dates. All the information, training and technology for Lipogems Equine is being provided by Regenerative Veterinary Services. 

Research & Development Performance Projects 

Lipocast Biotech UK Ltd are committed to extending the research and development of this new regenerative science for the use on primarily equines. As our research and development plans grow more information will be added on this page - please keep checking back to find out what we will be able to treat next. If you are a member of the press or a veterinary surgeon and you would like to know more click here to email us.

What is next for Lipocast Biotech UK ?

New Vet Presentation Online 

If you are a vet and would like to read our comprehensive presentation on the science behind Lipogems® Equine complete with case studies and links for further reading click here. For the quick download version minus videos click here.

Murray Shotter of Shotter & Byers Equine Veterinary Services is inviting any veterinary surgeons who have performed Lipogems treatments for any check ligament cases who might like to submit data to be included in a research a paper he is writing. 
Data should be submitted using the downloadable form (click here) and emailed to

General Data Collection
If you would like to submit any of your cases for our central research and development database please feel free to even if they are not equine check ligament cases invited by Murray Shotter. We also have a downloadable form for any canine cases for our Lipogems Canine referral centres and mixed practice centres. Click here to download the canine form.