How can i find out more about Lipogems for people?

Lipogems is available from a number of clinics across the UK for patients. To find out more about the range of conditions and injuries that can be treated please follow the following link.

The expert team at The Regenerative Clinic is made up of a strong group of clinicians each renowned specialists in their respective fields headed up by Professor Adrian Wilson. Our orthopaedic specialists, plastic surgeons, anaesthetists and radiographers, work together to ensure the very best treatment possible for our patients. Clinics and treatment facilities are available in Harley Street, London where the team are supported by an excellent group of nurses and technicians.

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Lead Equine Veterinary Surgeon Dr Tim Watson Explains Lipogems Equine

Lipogems  EQUINE

Vet Preview 2017

What is Lipogems®?

How did Lipogems® begin? ​​

Pioneered by Dr. Carlo Tremolada, a renowned Italian maxillofacial plastic surgeon, who was searching for a way to create a smoother, more viscous fat graft for filling defects and creating natural volumetric enhancement of the face
Unexpectedly, his patients experienced a significant decrease in bruising and inflammation normally associated with these procedures, and demonstrated substantial regenerative effects on the underlying tissues. 
Subsequently, scientific colleagues at the University of Miami, the Pasteur Institute in Paris, and UCLA, have identified and validated unique regenerative characteristics within the Lipogems®.
The Lipogems® system received FDA 510(k) clearance in the U.S in December of 2014 and later reviewed in November 2016.
The efficient closed-loop device, initially used only in plastic and reconstructive surgery, showed remarkable benefits for orthopaedic indications, opening enormous market potential. Equines within the UK can now be treated by veterinary surgeons trained by the Lipogems® Equine and Lipocast Biotech UK team. To read more about the technology of Lipogems® click here.

Information for Veterinary Surgeons

If you are a vet and would like to read our comprehensive presentation on the technology behind Lipogems® Equine complete with case studies and links for further reading click here for the full veterinary presentation with case studies and click here for the short review with links for research papers and further reading.

​A new generation of regeneration for your horse​​​​​
Lipogems® Equine is a new innovative application of regenerative technology available from Regenerative Veterinary Services, it is unlike any other regenerative therapy available for treating your horse or pony.​ Unlike many other veterinary treatments Lipogems®  has come from the human medical world to the veterinary world. To see how the treatments have worked for horses and ponies of all backgrounds click here. To contact Regenerative Veterinary Services click here.

How is Lipogems® different?​​

The Lipogems® system is a sterile single-use medical device intended for the closed-loop processing and transferring of autologous adipose tissue in a single surgical step. Lipogems® is a non-expanded and micro-fragmented adipose tissue graft that is injected into damaged areas of the body in order to provide a cushion and structural support while promoting a healing environment. The Lipogems® process preserves the natural healing properties of adipose tissue by maintaining the fat’s Vascular Stromal Niches

The micro-fragmentation of the tissue is key to the treatment process as it triggers the body's own damage response mechanism.

Lipogems has been directly translated from human application to veterinary application

- No lab culturing

- No cell isolations
- Lipogems is a complete tissue structure graft

There are no other comparative treatments that trigger the body's own damage response mechanism in a  single step non-enzymatic, no-centrifuge procedure that is completed on-site, under an hour either in surgery for small animals or under standing sedation for equines.