Alphavet Regenerative CPD Event 4 June 2019

Russell Chandler and his team at Alphavet Referrals are hosting a CPD event at their Langstone Practice in Newport and Dr Offer Zeira will be flying over from Milan to visit and give a talk. For more information about the event and how to attend please contact Alphavet Referrals on 01633 411446

Published Papers

New Human Paper Published
Safety and Efficacy of Percutaneous Injection of Lipogems Micro-Fractured Adipose Tissue for Osteoarthritic Knees - Jay Panchal, MD Gerard Malanga, MD Mitchell Sheinkop, MD; Has been published in the The American Journal of Orthopedics
To download or read the article please click here.

Dr Offer Zeira Published Paper Lipogems Canine 
Lipogems® Canine Lipogems Canine is pleased to announce that Dr Offer Zeira, Director of San Michele Veterinary Hospital, Milan, DVM PhD Field of Study Veterinary Orthopedics and Neurosurgery, Lead Lipogems Canine Veterinary Surgeon, has had the following paper published. Lead Lipogems Canine UK Veterinary Surgeon Alistair Cliff BVM&S (Dist) CertAVP MRCVS, Crown Vets Referrals, Inverness is also named as an author for this publication. Intra‐Articular Administration of Autologous Micro‐Fragmented Adipose Tissue in Dogs with Spontaneous Osteoarthritis: Safety, Feasibility, and Clinical Outcomes
To download or read the article please click here.

Human Study Published
The Effect of Intra-articular Injection of Autologous Microfragmented Fat Tissue on Proteoglycan Synthesis in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis: Click here to read the full article. A prospective, non-randomized, interventional, single-center, open-label clinical trial was conducted from January 2016 to April 2017. Results: The results of our study indicate that the use of autologous and micro-fragmented adipose tissue in patients with knee OA (measured by dGEMRIC MRI) increased glycosaminoglycan (GAG) content in hyaline cartilage, which is in line with observed VAS and clinical results.

The Journal of Experimental Orthopaedics​
Exciting new publication from the human application of Lipogems in the Journal of Experimental Orthopaedics titled: Autologous and micro-fragmented adipose tissue for the treatment of diffuse degenerative knee osteoarthritis, has been published. Click here to access the paper.

New Human Study Proposed​
New Prospective, Randomized Controlled Study Compares The Safety And Performance Of A Next Generation Adipose Tissue Technology (Lipogems®) Vs. Platelet Rich Plasma In Patients With Knee Osteoarthritis - Click here to read the abstract.

State of the Art; Latest Research Papers
Adipose Tissue and Mesenchymal Stem Cells: State of the Art and Lipogems® Technology Development
Written by Tremolada C1, Colombo V1, Ventura C2 and published on US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.
Click here to read the latest research paper published online.

Non-Veterinary Magazine Articles

Equestrian Life Magazine June 2019

Lipogems Equines Lead Lipogems Equine Veterinary Surgeon Dr Tim Watson features in the June Issue of Equestrian Life Magazine with his story about treating Ellie the Exmoor Show Pony, one of our many incredible success stories. To download and read the full article click here.

Polo Times - December/January Issue 2016/17​
Lipogems Equine International Outreach feature on veterinary training day in Pilar, Argentina with top vets and world renowned professional player Tincho Merlos. Click here to read the full feature. 

Cirencester Park Polo Club Feature Article
Click here to download the full feature on how we are putting polo ponies back out on the pitch fit for another season, written by Lead Lipogems Equine Vet Dr Tim Watson.

Polo Quarterly Summer 2017 Issue

Lipogems Equine has been included in a great feature about how to keep you best polo ponies going throughout their polo playing careers. Click here to read the feature.

Lipogems Hits the Headlines in the Daily Mirror
Click here to read The Daily Mirror journalist Lynne Hyland's personal account of a Lipogems procedure to treat her arthritic feet. The report also includes a video of her procedure. 

Positive prognosis for Lipogems polo ponies in the June 2018 issue of Polo Times; Evolving Tissue Technology
We follow renowned veterinary surgeon Murray Shotter as he continues to treat horses and ponies around the world-wide equine community from his Berkshire based practice Shotter & Byers 
It is estimated that 20% of all horses training for sporting or performance events are unable to compete due to injury, a frightening statistic for any polo pony owner, let alone high goal teams with barn lined with stables full of expensive legs to worry about in multiple countries. Click here to download the full feature.

Joint Work Feature; A collaboration of minds from humans to hounds and horses
Lipogems has been featured again in Polo Times, focusing on application for people, pooches and ponies. Click here to read and download the full feature, complete with case studies.

Central Horse News with Dr Simon Woods 
Lipogems Equine is in the News Again with Consultant Lipogems Equine Veterinary Surgeon Dr Simon Wood from Lower House Equine Clinic. You can read the online magazine by clicking here. Or download the pdf by clicking here. The article also features a fantastic case study which Simon treated. 

Lipogems in The Daily Express
Click here to read the latest article about human medical application of Lipogems in The Daily Express Online

Lipogems in The Daily Mail
Click here to read about how Lipogems is changing arthritic knee treatment in the human medical world.

Polo Times August 2017
One year on from our first feature, Polo Times re-visits Lipogems Equine, the latest innovation in regenerative therapy to hit the UK veterinary market, and their pony patient’s progress. Click here to read the feature.

Polo Times - August Issue 2016 
Feature on the arrival of Lipogems® for equines in the UK and the first training sessions of accredited Lipogems® Equine veterinarians. Click here or on the image to read the full feature.

Veterinary Articles

Vet Times March 2017 Issue Features Lipogems Equine
The latest issue of Vet Times features a report from Holly Kernot on our cutting-edge technology. Click here to read the full story. 

Veterinary Presentation Available Online 
If you are a vet and would like to read our comprehensive presentation on the science behind Lipogems® Equine complete with case studies and links for further reading click here.

​Vet Practice News - January 2017​

Dr Tim Watson explains the basics in a short feature on Lipogems Equine. Click here to read the feature.

Vet Time July 2017 Issue News Story
Thank you Vet Times for featuring the launch of Lipogems Canine in the UK with Crown Vet Referrals. Some great words from Dr Offer Zeira from his esteemed centre of excellence for Lipogems at his hospital in Milan. To read the full feature click here.

HorseTech Market Report
Fantastic to be included int he first draft of The HorseTech Market Report (14 September 2018). Visit the link below to download the supplement containing all the biogs of the contributors...including our very own Lipogems Equine Lead Veterinary Surgeon Dr Tim Watson from Waterlane Equine Vets. You can also use this link to download the full report and sign up for alerts for the updated and added to versions.

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Updates from Lipogems Equine

Lipogems® Equine Announces New Consultant Veterinary Surgeon
We are delighted to announce that Dr Simon Woods has been invited to join our team of consultant Vets for Lipogems Equine. Simon has been using Lipogems at his clinic, Lower House Equine Clinic in Shropshire, since his accreditation in early 2017 and has seen the outstanding results of this cutting-edge regenerative therapy. His colleagues and extensive facilities have made for a centre of excellence and one of UKs leading referral centres for Lipogems Equine. Working closely with the world’s leading Lipogems surgeons sharing results and techniques will help advance this excellent service. If you would like to get in touch with Simon and his team to discuss a referral please contact: Lower House Equine Clinic, Plas Cerrig Lane, Llanymynech Oswestry, Shropshire, SY22 6LG. Call: 01691 830444 or email: . 

“Having used Lipogems on several cases and seeing excellent results I am delighted to join Lipogems Equine as a veterinary consultant. I am excited to offer this breakthrough regenerative therapy to our patients and be able to assist other veterinary surgeons in their training so that our equines can receive the best possible care nationwide, for what would have previously been career changing injuries,” said Simon Woods

Lipogems Treating a Tiger Hits International News Stands 
Click here to read about how Lipogems is helping Igor the Tiger from the Hungary. Veterinary surgeon Robert Gippert has performed the procedure to improve Igor's quality of life. The hip pain Igor has been suffering from is a common issue that Lipogems Canine has been able to offer assistance with. Lipogems Equine is exactly the same treatment and has been helping horses and ponies with a range of problems.

Regenerative medicine in orthopaedics: Lipogems International Technology Conference, London
Lipogems Canine and Lipogems Equine enjoyed an afternoon of scientific discussion at the Regenerative medicine in orthopaedics: Lipogems International Technology on Tuesday 27 June at The Kings Fund in London. A plethora of key speakers talked about Lipogems application in human orthopaedic applications. 

​Lipogems Equine Sponsors at Newbury Racecourse
This partnership is part of Lipogems® Equine outreach to all equestrian disciplines that will benefit from being offered the most cutting-edge treatment. To read more click here to download our Press Release.

Award Winning
Lipogems® Awarded Best New Technology in Sports Medicine for 2016. Click here to read about the latest award for Lipogems.

Human Patient-Focused Educational Website
We are very excited to announce the launch of Lipogems International SPA's Patient-Focused Educational Website which focuses on the human application of Lipogems. Click here to visit the new website.

Lipogems International SPA Announces New FDA Clearance
Click here to read about Food and Drug Administration 510(k) clearance for expanded indications and labelling.

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Lipogems  EQUINE

Saving Champions Documentary Short

Up and coming filmmaker Dinty Andrews has published the first of two documentaries about Lipogems Equine called Saving Champions. The documentary features our lead equine vet Dr Tim Watson, CEO Martin ffrench Blake, Chairman Stafeno Olgiati and General Manager Lucy Wilson. Dressage rider Jess Allies and her ride Kirby as well as Point to Point jockey Olivia Lamphee and her thoroughbred racehorses. 

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