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To watch a short documentary or interview with Dr Tim Watson about Lipogems Equine and how this polo pony was treated click here to visit our You Tube page.

How to Request a Consultation for your Horse or Pony

Lipogems  EQUINE

What Injuries Can be Treated and How to Request a Consultation


All accredited veterinary surgeons are thoroughly assessed and trained by the Lipogems® Equine team before they are given access to any technology - our full list of accredited vets is below. 
Please note - we have had reports of veterinary surgeons claiming to be able to perform procedures when they are not accredited. If a vet is not on the list below, they have not been trained or authorised to perform the procedure - for your animals safety, do not use a vet that is not on the list of accredited vets that can be found by clicking here

Insurance Reimbursable

So far Lipocast Biotech UK Ltd have processed several claims on behalf of clients made to UK based equestrian insurance companies.

In each case they have been invoiced for “autologous adipose tissue transplant”.

These claims are being honoured with veterinary recommendation as long as the fee is within the insured amount. In all cases so far the total billed is well within the insurance limit per incident. 

If you are an insurance company and you would like to read more about how Lipogems Equine has been translated from t he human medical sphere a complete back ground and list of research papers, studies and further reading can be downloaded by clicking here.

NB. Please note no insurance company will endorse any specific treatments and that all claims should be discussed with their vet and insurance company directly as each specific case may vary.

What kind of injuries can be treated by the Lipogems® Equine team?

The following injuries have been treated using Lipogems® Equine accredited veterinarians. To see some of the results please click here for more details, scans, pictures and information about the horses and ponies from all stages in the careers that have been treated. If you are a vet and would like to read our comprehensive presentation on the science behind Lipogems® Equine complete with case studies and links for further reading click here.

Injuries and conditions that can be treated by our accredited veterinary team:

  • Tendon injuries with core lesions
  • Desmitis (Inflammation of a ligament)
  • Chronic desmitis (Chronic inflammation of a ligament)
  • Soft tissue injuries to the stifle joint
  • Synovitis (Inflammation of a synovial membrane)
  • Early osteoarthritis (Degenerative joint disease)
  • Deep lacerations
  • ​Impinging dorsal spinous processes