Lipogems® Equine is a new innovative

application of regenerative technology, it is

unlike any other regenerative therapy

available for treating your horse or pony.

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  • Tendon injuries
  • Degenerative joints
  • Granulated wounds

Lipogems  EQUINE

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Lipogems® Canine

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Some of the top vets in the country from all disciplines and representative bodies are amongst our accredited team of veterinary surgeons who are ready to treat your horse.

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  • Regenerative therapy 
  • Relatively Drug free
  • Quick recovery
  • Yard based treatment 

Regenerative Veterinary Services

The providers of Lipogems for Equine and Canine


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Monday - Sunday: 0730-2100 


Lipogems Equine         A New Generation of Regeneration ​​for Your Horse 

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